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    In my form I have a button and a picture object. When the button is clicked, I want an open dialog box to pop up to display a list of pictures that can be selected so the picture object on the form will display the selected picture. Thanks a lot in advance for the help.


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    If you want Microsoft's Open Dialog box to come up you will have to use the dialog box control. If someone upgrades their version of MS Office or Corel Office then it may not work anymore. Dll hell. I used to use the MS Open Dialog box but have created my own solution that will not fit your problem. What you can do is create a form yourself that will do directory listings using the DIR command and send the output to a list box or a table that is driven by a list box. IF you want to be able to show the pictures too, then you cannot use a list box as easily.

    To display a list of pictures, you could do so similar to how Microsoft lets users choose a background for the Windows desktop.

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