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    Just out of curiousity

    Hi all,
    Just out of curiousity, what would be the ideal structure for's database?
    Here are two structures that I came up with. Which one do you think is a better design? Could there be another way that is better?

    Structure A:
    (signle DB with multiple tables)
    Database: FriendsterDB
    Login(Username, Password, ...)
    Member_Profile(Username, First_Name, Last_Name, Email, ...)
    Member_x_Friend(Username, ...)

    Structure B:
    (Each user has his own DB)
    Database: General
    Login(Username, Password), ...
    Databse: Member_x
    Profile(Username, First_Name, Last_Name, ...)
    Friend(Username, ...)

    With structure A, each table would be very big because Friendster has over 1,000,000 members. Structure B, however, results in small tables but a large number of DB. 1,000,000 members will result in 1,000,000 DB.

    With so many users, I wonder which is the best way to design Friendster's DB. It would be even more interesting to know the actual structure of their DB.

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    The choice of A is simpler as you are dealing with millions of rows as opposed to millions of database objects. The overhead of the first is phenomenally simpler than the overhead of the latter.

    A million records is nothing.

    The novelty of friendster is in the concept that created the data model.
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