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    Unanswered: Full Table Scan?


    Qn. Which three actions will cause queries to place a table’s blocks at the most-recently-used end of the LRU list for the DEFAULT pool? (Choose three)

    A. Creating a table with the CACHE option.
    B. Querying the table by using a CACHE hint.
    C. Ensuring the query performs a full table scan.
    D. Defining the table without the option for caching.
    E. Altering an existing table to set the CACHE option.
    F. Ensuring the query does not retrieve data through index lookup.
    G. Creating a separate database buffer cache to hold cached table.

    Is the Ans. A, C, E correct? or A,B,E?

    Please advice.

    Rakesh Sharma

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    A, B and E

    MS Computer Science
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