I have set up SQL Sever 2000 on two computers running Windows XP Pro. There is no Windows NT Domain Name Server or Windows 2003 server in the workgroup, hence no Domain user accounts.

I am attempting to set up Merge Replication between the two computers (eventually across a VPN, but they are on the same network now during development) BUT I keep getting the error

"The merge process could not retrieve the list of subscriptions." and it fails. I have the merge setup to use a login on the Distributor and Publisher (the same machine) with an account that has permissions to access the database. (ie Log in using sql server account, not Windows Trusted Connection).

Can any explain if it is possible to do what I am attempting under Windows XP Pro. When I try to set the SQL server agent to log in with an account I created under Windows XP users, it says it does not exist. Am I supposed to also have a NT Domain server to supply account names for SQL server agent to use? Also I am using simple file sharing.