Hi all,
i have probleme in DB2 Datalink. Several microsoft documents are stored out of Database. I use datalink datatyp to save the document url in DB2 Text Extender.

My table with attribut conten in datalink datatyp:
CREATE TABLE htmtable_extern(text_id int CONSTRAINT htmextern_index PRIMARY KEY not null, content DATALINK linktype url no link control);

i have insert many rows in this table.
INSERT INTO doktable_extern(1, dlvalue('file://Diplom/Dipl_testdaten/Text/dok_ordner1/test1.doc'));
INSERT INTO doktable_extern(2, dlvalue('file://Diplom/Dipl_testdaten/Text/dok_ordner1/test2.doc'));
INSERT INTO doktable_extern(3, dlvalue('file://Diplom/Dipl_testdaten/Text/dok_ordner1/test3.doc'));

i want to index the content column so that i can search the documente.
db2tx=>enable text column doktable_extern content handle contenthandle language german format msword indextype linguistic
updateindex update

But i get always the error message during the search.
Error message:
SQL0443N User defined function "DB2TX.CONTAINS" (specific name "DES5A") has returned an error SQLSTATE with diagnostic text "DES38708 RC_SE_CCS_NOT_SUPPORTED. Search failed.". SQLSTATE=38708

How can i understand the error messages? I don't know what's wrong with it? Can you give me any suggestion?

I use windows server 2000 and DB2 V8.1 mit Text Extender V8.

thank you very much and greeting from germany!