I want to distinguish between users by using MySQL Control Center's seemingly intuitive User Administration feature, which is clearly supposed to allow the setup of multiple different users for the database and differentiate between them on the basis not only of which databases and tables they have access to at all (via a tickbox) but what privileges they have over each individual database and/or table.

My problem is that it simply doesn't work. If I create a new user, give it a password and allow her access to any combination of databases and tables with any arbitrary set of privileges over them, when I Add the user or Apply the changes the settings are all unticked and "Global Privileges" becomes ticked, and her password is lengthened to 16 stars. This does not seem to be an "obsecurity" feature because permission is refused when I try to log her on, even though the program has forced all Global Privileges on her.

I can only log on new users if I enter no password, which is the only time it doesn't add stars to the password bar, but it still forces Global Privileges on them.

What am I doing wrong? Is the Control Center beta simply not at the stage when it can handle user admin?

(More details; I'm trying to use MySQLCC 0.9.4-beta, in conjunction with Rekall as the frontend. MySQL is installed and running on a local server. I do have access to it and can read stored data from multiple machines, so I know its working that much...)

Any help greatly appreciated,