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Thread: Frm-40654

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    Question Unanswered: Frm-40654

    I have a form where I handle inserts in the on-insert
    trigger. whenever I save a record and try to change a field afterwards, it gives the following error. It
    wouldn't let me make any changes.

    FRM-40654 record has been updated by another user. Re-query to see

    It seems to me that the trigger cannot commit the changes I make. I try
    to write commit_form but it didn't like it. Any suggestions to fix this.


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    Re: Frm-40654

    What it looks like your trying to do is insert into another table at the
    same time as your form is writing to another table. Typically, for
    this type of action, a "pre" or "post" trigger is used (preferable in this
    case, a "post-insert" trigger.

    The "pre" is typically used to obtain other column values that you
    previously havent'y collected yet in the table your block will be
    writing to, such as the "key value" from a sequence.

    If you use a "post-insert" trigger, you may also want to post your
    results before you perform your insert. Then, if the post is successful,
    insert your results to the other table.

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