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    Unanswered: mysql join problem

    I have this query;

    SELECT table1.Title, table2.ID, table2.Val FROM table1 INNER JOIN table2 ON table1.No = table2.No WHERE table1.TitleLike '%keyword%' AND ( table2.ID = 50 OR table2.ID = 51 OR table2.ID = 52 OR table2.ID = 53 ) ORDER BY table1.Title;

    but now I get four rows of results, one for each table2.ID, I tried group BY table1.Titlebut then it only shows the first table2.ID and the rest isn't shown, how should i fix it, I want 1 row for every table1.Title

    Thank you
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    please describe what you want to do with this query.

    If you need to list each related row from table2

    Or just a one row ?
    Olivier Miossec

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