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    Unanswered: Backup Server Stalled


    Al worked fine, an then, all of a sudden the Backup Server stalled. It got stuck, and hourly commands from UNIX to Sybase to backup the transaction log, were started but queued. Only after killing the UNIX-processes that tried to make Sybase backup, it suddenly woke up again, started to finish the backup it was making.

    Hardly any users were on line, only a few were doing selects and inserts in various tables.

    The log-files of both dataserver and backup server didn't mention anything about this...!!!

    What can be a reason for e backup server to get stuck in the middle of a process?



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    Backup server is an independent Open Server on it's own and the only relation to ASE is a SITEHANDLER from dataserver to backup server.

    If the backup server stalls, it has to be due to the demerit of backup server itself(memory, CPU starvation, not enough SEGSZ - 2 required for each dump or load command).

    Check with Sybase Technical Support, backup server sometimes stalls due to OS issues as well.

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