This is the situation.
I have Ora8174 running under Solaris822. This is a 3-lier instalation: web servers, app servers and the DB server, with firewalls between them, that kill every idle connection for more than an hour, so I put the sqlnet.expire_time=5.
Everything was working ok till I decide to put the DB into MTS mode. So I add the parameters in the init.ora.
Since then, I noticed that most idle connections were not kill (sometimes yes, witin 5 or 10min... is not clear), I had to kill em manually, not to reach the max number of conn allowed.
I review the documentation but everything seems to be ok.
The DB and the AppServer connects via JDBC Thin Client. Does it need any special configuration?
Does anybody have the same problem?
I open a TAR in Metalink, they send me 2 patches, but it's still not working.
Thanks in advance.