Dear all

Now I am configuring VERITAS NetBackup with my Informix and I am facing a big problem.
I provided a script with contained onbar command
echo Running Backup
# onbar -b -L 0

First time, when I executed this script in command prompt in Solaris 2.7, the onbar command worked properly. The backup status showed correctly in NetBackup's Activity Monitor. I think my setting should be alright at that time.
But when I specified this script in NetBackup Policy and launched backup session in NetBackup Console, the session couldn't start and give me an error message.
I tried to check /tmp/bar_act.log, it said 'unable to make connection to server'.
I want to know if I have to modify my script for it to run properly. I think it could be the user that should be used.

If somebody have any ideas or have been faced this problem, please give me suggestions.

Thank you.