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    Unanswered: forms based queries

    please help i am new to sql and my old access 2000 program used forms based queries.

    the user simply input the patients last name and first name and the form would open up every record that had a matching combo to edit and if the combo didnt exist the form was ready for new input.

    im under the understanding that sql doesnt support forms based queries and no i would like to know how to open my access form but first prompt users for what last name and first name they are looking for then fill the recordset with just those patients.

    i have upsized my access 2000. mdb file to an access project now adp.
    so im not using linked tables anymore or this would not be a problem.

    this is very urgent for me to fix . i have already fixed all my vb code to make my chart number automatically. now im stuck on getting a prompt for a user to enter info to fill a form.

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    Try using a separe form that is Modal = yes. This forces them to close the form before opening the next form. Then on event Form.Close check to make sure variables (names) are set properly (not empty).

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