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    Unanswered: identifying admin user by status(CurrentGroups)

    I'm building a login / database chooser database that determines who the user is by associating each user's password to a single group, and using Status(CurrentGroups) to set the value of a (global) username field. The user then selects one or more databases via a check box field, and clicks a button to launch the selected databases(s). (The databases have the same passwords, so the user doesn't have to reauthenticate.) The databases have a username field which is the username field in the login / database chooser database, via a relationship. The technique works fine for all the data entry users, but when I open the login / database chooser file with the master password, a name is not returned from the code:

    Case(Status(CurrentGroups) = "bill_group", "Bill Somebody", Status(CurrentGroups) = "admin_group", "Admin Person")

    My hunch is the master password is possibly (and by definition?) assigned to all groups, therefore Status(CurrentGroups) cannot identity the user.

    I found that by adding the following to the case statement, I get the behavior I want: PatternCount(Status(CurrentGroups), "admin_group") = 1, "Admin Person".

    (I tried to delete this post logged in properly, but it didn't work, so I edited it showing the solution I found after posting originally.)

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