We are using EMC's Symmetrix product. We have configured TSIM to take snapshots of the database daily at around 11:30am. We use tsimsnap2 -alludb (there are two user databases on separate LUNs).

Last week, we added a new LUN to one of the databases. Since then we have not been able to make a successful snapshot of the database. We verified all the settings in EMC, but still no luck.

We are running Windows 2000 (SP4). SQL 2000 (SP3 + patches). The primary database is configured to use:
S:\ data partition
T:\ transaction log
I:\ Indexes (this is the one we just added)

We can see the TSIM process log in, fetch the data (database names, file names, etc). But then the user account running the TSIM process logs back out and the TSIM command window just sits there. Usually it takes about 30 seconds to snap an 80-GB database. Now we are waiting for over 5 minutes with no results.

Any thoughts/ideas/suggestions?