I have the following query which runs fine in the MDX Sample App, but fails on one of our IIS boxes. IIS and SQL/AS are running on separate boxes, both are in the same domain (corp. intranet). The weird part is that if I take out the MEMBERs, it will run fine. I have an EVERYONE role setup with access to the cube. I've been looking at possible authentication issues, but then why would it work without the MEMBERs? I can run the same MDX query on a localhost website, and it works fine, which would lead me to believe it's a permission/authentication issue, but then why does it only fail on aggregates?

MEMBER [Calendar Time].[YTD Total] AS '[Calendar Time].[All Calendar Time].[2003]'
MEMBER [Calendar Time].[YTD Average] AS 'AVG(DESCENDANTS([Calendar Time].[2003], [Calendar Time].[Month]))'
{DESCENDANTS([Corp Gen Ledger].[Income]), DESCENDANTS([Corp Gen Ledger].[Expense])} ON ROWS,
{[Calendar Time].[All Calendar Time].[2003].CHILDREN, [Calendar Time].[YTD Average], [Calendar Time].[YTD Total]} ON COLUMNS
FROM [DB Test]