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    Unanswered: help needed building weird query :)

    hi! i'm actually sort of newbie in this whole database world, but i have learned enough to somewhat defend myself, but i have come upon a situation where i cant think of a way to retrieve the data the way i need it, i just found out this forum existed and i think it's just great!

    ok my real problem, i'll describe with a simplier example
    lets say i have the following tables:

    create table names(
    id serial PRIMARY KEY,
    name text

    create table x(
    x1 integer REFERENCES names (id),
    x2 integer REFERENCES names (id),
    x3 integer REFERENCES names (id)

    so... my names table is populated with

    id | name
    1 | name1
    2 | name2
    3 | name3
    4 | name4
    5 | name5

    and my x table contains the following:

    x1 | x2 | x3
    2 | 3 | 5
    1 | 4 | 2

    now, what i need is to make a query similar to:
    select name from names,x where;

    but the tricky thing is that i need to list the 3 names
    for example for the first row of the x table (2, 3,5), i would need to get a list looking like this:

    name | name | name
    name2 | name3 | name5

    i have tried a lot of combinations of queries but havent succeded, the closest i get is


    if this is not possible let me know so i can stop trying
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    I don't know and I can't imagine why are you needing something like that.

    I've seen that you had an answer but I still want to make you an advice. That kind of solutions are sometimes very problematic. Sooner or later you will have to meke a change. It's better soon.
    That kind of solution let's you out of inserting new records or colums without rebuilding the query.

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    hehe i already changed the way i'll access the data, but thanks anyway!!

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