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    Question Unanswered: Time Based Triggers in MS-SQL

    Is it possible to create time-based triggers in MS-SQL? If yes, then Please tell me the procedure for doing this.

    my exact requirement is:-

    I am working on a Banking Project in MS-SQL as back-end. In the Savings Account, I want the trigger to calculate the Accrued Interest due for previous month on minimum balance between 10th and 31st of that month to fire once every month for each saving account. And then I want another time based trigger to fire once in six months(jan & july) to sum all the accrued interest and add to the balance of that saving account.

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    As far as i understand you are looking for a scheduled job and not a time based trigger. You will need to write a sql procedure and then schedule it through a job to meet your requirements
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    Developing a banking system

    Brother could you solve the problem. I also developing a banking system and using mssql server as backend of the system. There is requirements for scheduled transaction in my system. So please tell could you solve your problem to get help from you

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    You are developing a banking system.
    In Microsoft SQL server.
    And you are not aware of the SQL Server Agent for scheduling jobs?

    I don't suppose you'd care to tell us what bank this is?

    In the meantime, look up SQL Server Agent in Books Online, or google "SQL Server Job Scheduling".
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    Please, let me know what bank it is. It might be a good idea to avoid them for a while until the system is up, running/debugged. Although that could also work to the customer's advantage I suppose, but it does sound like someone is going to get screwed.....
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