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    Unanswered: Performance while Reading and writing blobs


    I m writing blobs into an Sybase 12.5 database.
    No matter what I m doing, I never cross 1 M/Bit traffic. This seems a bit slow for me, because I m using a 100 M/Bit net.

    Does anyone know how to configure the Sybase DB to get it work faster ??

    Any help woulf be appreciated!

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    I've never worked with blobs. However, based on your indication that network traffic is an issue I'm making a blind assumption that you're trying to BCP data into Sybase from somewhere on the network.

    Several things will hamper you for large IO.

    1. Indexes on the target tables should be dropped prior to BCP - then recreated once the BCP finishes.

    2. Sybase's Network packet size should probably be at the maximum of 16384. This will also mean raising sybase's "additional network memory".

    Hope I'm not totally off base here.

    Good luck.


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