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    Unanswered: MySQL database replication between sersvers

    I have a website being hosted. It has a MySQL db. I am running a webserver at home with a copy of the website for testing etc. IS there an easy way to cpy the db from on to the other? Droopping the data+structure works, except for one table which is to big to reload (get time out problems).

    Is there a way to reload via the commandline instead of PHP for instance?

    On the webhosting site I only have a PHPMyAdmin type interface. I can't shell to access the db

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    drop table TABLE;
    load table TABLE from master;

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    Re: MySQL database replication between sersvers


    if you don't have commandline access then there is no other way as using php.

    you can use the set_time_limit(XX) command in php to set the time limit of a php script to unlimited(X=0), or if you are in a loop you can use the set_time_limit inside the loop. in every call the time limit counter is reseted.

    check out php documentation

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    Actually it's pretty easy. Use one of the newer version of PHPMyAdmin and just make sure you use the database export option and choose compression of your choice. I just exported a 15 gig database to make sure that it worked fine and it worked for me.

    Then on your local box uncompress the dump and drop it in on your hosted server and you are all done.


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