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    Hello forumers and developers.

    Mentioned below has not been meant as Spam or flaming. I only want to offer an possibility for an honest opinion of the user and developer. At this moment already a number of developers and groups are gladly and unconditionally helping me.

    The following:
    Since some time I have managed website's in association with the Dutch startpagina (startpage) and This start page with average 350 visitors per day, oriented on forums, I have set up to help people concerning forum software. It appears that there are very much questions which forum software people must choose. Of course tells all the developers that their software are the bests!
    To get an objective insight, I have set up a forum where software products are standing.
    My request to people is to give there honestly opinion and experience concerning the software products they used or known. These can both positively and negatively. How more honestly how better of course.
    Since I have set up this in the first agency as Dutch, and got of course also only Dutch responses of Dutch developers and users. I am busy to invite foreign developers and users. So they also can give their opinion.

    It has not the intention to make obvious publicity and certainly not the intention forming a Helpdesk for people with their forum-specific questions. In that case it is referred to the manufacturer website. They offer much better support than we of course.
    The objective is to people give an overview to their need. And to help with their choice. Also the producers can examine here what played in the world of forums. Of course also they can give their response. To get a honest opinion, registering is necessary. This is of course free. PLEASE NOTE: software which I use is not important! I cant create my own forum.

    The choice menu stands on Please give there your opinion, sugestion, update or experience.

    I have shares in absolutely no manner at the manufacturers, have there also not been dovetailed and I get also not paid for it.

    Thanks for your time.

    Kind regards,
    Wilbert Hendriks
    Netherlands (Iam sorry for my English speaking)
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    Link changed

    The link had changed. so i have changed some things in the post above


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