I got this funny problem for a new db server.

I need to copy my local database to a remote database using the Import/export feature in EM. First i select the source, then i select destination database (new created), for which i provide a login name/password (not SA) which can ONLY access the destination database. Then i choose copy all the objects, etc. Then choose Run It Now.

Now the problem comes. It will fail to access the remote database, the reason given is that: the login name i provided doesn't have the right to access the destination database, and this destination database is not the one i chose during the wizard steps. I have tried many times, all similar result, but everytime the destination database showed in the error msg is different. So the cause is, i choose database A in wizard steps, and when starting to copy, EM actually map me to another database in the server. the same issue applies when i try to export database from remote server.

Has anyone encounter this kind of problem before? I have tried my setps with two of my computers, all got problem. but the remote database admin said he has no this problem at all. I appreciate for any of your advice!