Dear friends,

I want to convert oracle 9i database to mysql using JSP technology. Does there anyone who have a hint or some web links about this task? I searched the internet and found all of them are not free and no source code. In fact, what I want to do is really simple, I just want to first, reading the oracle database table structure information and then create the exactly same table in mysql, and then copying all the data in oracle database table to mysql table. But I don¡¯t know how to retrieve the oracle table structure using JDBC. And also I want to retrieve all the tables in the oracle database, so I can choose from them to convert to mysql. It seems that the structure in oracle usually have the tablespace information, I don¡¯t know if I can create database in mysql using this tablespace information. And I don¡¯t know where I can find the information about the functions in JDBC? For example, how to retrieve the table structure? Once I retrieve the table structure and create the exactly same table structure in mysql, then I can fetch all the data in oracle table to mysql table.

Any hint will be great appreciated!

Merry Christmas and Happy new year!