I'm pretty well experience in MS ACCESS 2002 (I think!...:-)..), but not with the "true" VBA programming that takes the basic forms/data one step further. I have a very simple (to an experience VBA programmer) problem.

Example of Problem:
I have a table named "Property" with fields named "ID_prop(Autonumber), PPN_prop, Street#_prop, StreetName_prop, Fied5_prop, and Field6_prop". This table contains say 3 records for example purposes. I also have a table named "Demo" with fields named "ID_demo(Autonumber), PPN_demo, Street#_demo, StreetName_demo, Field5_demo, and Field6_demo". This table doesn't contain any records at this time. I set up a relationship where "Property.PPN_prop" is related to "Demo.PPN_demo". I made a form that contains all of the Property fields and called it "PropertyForm". I also made a form that contains all the Demo fields and called it "DemoForm". I need for a user to be able to, from the "DemoForm", enter in a value in the PPN_demo field and have the application check this value against the PPN_prop field from the "Property" table. If the two fields are equal I need the "DemoForm" to be populated with the data that I requested from the "Property Table", such that e.g. if the user input of PPN_demo is 123456...I need the system to check the PPN_prop for this value, "123456"....and if it's found, also populate "Street#_demo" with value in "Street#_prop", "StreetName_demo" with "StreetName_prop"...then allow me to edit additional fields in the "DemoForm" and save them.

Basically this "Property table" will be pretty much fixed meaning I'll never really be updating say the PPN_prop field, StreetName_prop, etc...... now the "Demo table" will be constantly growing!...the Property table records is basically for validation purposes.

Do I use subforms?....What VBA code do I put in there...I'm COMPLETELY LOST!!!!... If at all possible PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE just complete this actual example for me in ACCESS and send it to me via email. I learn better by example. I believe once I get this basic concept understood...I'll be in heaven!...