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    Red face Unanswered: re: mts_dispatchers

    hi! ,

    i am trying to install oracle 8i on windows nt 4.0 server.

    when i try to create the database using the database configuration assistant
    error saying that mts_dispatchers has an invalid parameter ....

    what is mts_dispatchers ?
    what are the possible causes for this error ?
    how could i rectify this ?


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    There is two types of server Configuration for Oracle instance.

    (1) Dedicated server and
    (2) MultiThreaded Server

    When you configure MTS, You have to set the no. of dispatchers to start when instance starts. they serve requests from user processes.

    This parameter has some attributes to set out of which 1st no. of dispatchers and 2nd Protocol they listen for are main.

    You cannot start more dispatchers than the value set by mts_max_dispatchers.

    The usual reason it gives you an error is If you do not specify the correct protocol.

    For more information, Please read the Oracle Documents.

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