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    Unanswered: perl dbi access and the like statement

    I'm having problems getting a SELECT ... LIKE statement to work within PERL using DBI connecting to the Access .mdb database.

    my $stl = $dbh->prepare(<<SQL);
    SELECT email, username, expirationdate, payment
    from [Authentication Q]
    WHERE email like ?;

    is the statement that I'm using.

    I would pass it a value like but it's probably the @ that's causing problems although it doesn't give any errors.

    I am getting the input from the keyboard STDIN

    I can do without using the LIKE function and just use a = but when I input from STDIN an email address, it doesn't return any values either but if I assign the variable I am passing to the SQL statement (ie. user\ - it returns what is expected - so I am sure here it's the @ that is causing the issue.

    I have tried typing in user\ and, stripping the trailing C/R and replacing the @ with \@ before calling the SQL - but no go.

    So are there any tricks to using the LIKE statement with an ACCESS database with perl dbi or how could I get the @ sign from typed in data to match correctly?

    So any advice would be appreciated.
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    I don't have nay working exp in access, however here are some questions which I would like to know:

    1. Does "@" has got any special meaning in Access? If yes, then u have have escape it twice, one for the PERL script and one for the Access. Needless to say "@" has got special meaning in PERL script.
    2. Can you let me know the exact value of the E-mail address just before the select stmt.....incluing any non-printable charatcers like "\n" etc etc. Also u can see the value (by using insert statement) of the variable being passed to the database.
    3. The option which you can try is to keep the email adress in a file and read it from the script.


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