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    Post Unanswered: configuring option box in Access 2000

    Hi, I am new to this forum but trying it out. Currently I work with Access 2000 and have a database set up with a combo list box to select all the materials in my table. What my situation is, there are two categories I would like to be able to select by clicking on a button in the option box which in turn filter out only those records. There has to be an easy way besides doing the manual toolbar filters because the end users at the company are not the cool with databases. How can I write code to make the option button selection only reveal the one category I want to see at any given time, and then how to make it also select All records when needed? A rather long message but not sure how I was to explain it. Really hope someone can help me out. Self taught here and learning pretty well....intermediate I suppose.

    thanks and hope you all have a nice holiday,

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    I noticed no one has posted here yet. Let's see if I can clarify what you would like in order to help you.

    First, help me on the controls you are using.

    You mentioned 3 different controls, a combo (drop-down) box, a list box, and option buttons. Are you using 3 different controls? Or are we talking about only 1 or 2 controls?

    If you can attach a sample of the database and form it would be helpful.

    But if that is difficult to do (or you don't want to share sensitive data) can you mock up a picture (from some drawing program like Paint) as to how it all should look?

    Joe G

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