Apparantly one is not allowed to set the record source for a report in the onopen event in office 2003.

I have a db front end that I coded in access 2002 with no problems whatsoever. I do quite a bit of dynamic reports, so I utilized a technique of setting the recordsource for a report at runtime based on user input.

After "upgrading" to office 2003, and yes I am using the word "upgrade" in the loosest possible form of the word, I am no longer able to set the recordsource at all. To anything. Period. No matter what.

The most basic of basic strings throws an error. Eg:

Me.Recordsource = "test"


Microsoft Office Access can't find the object *insert current recordsource here*

So basically I absolutely can not under any circumstances set the recordsource to a string.

Any clue as to why the hell this is suddenly a problem?