This is my problem. i have a coldfusion website that uses my access database to run a e-commerce site. Bascily the datbase holds all the info on the products and the site just requests info from this. The site works fine and it can print info from the database on screen. The one thing however i can not do is have a drop down list in access which in turn will have a drop down list in coldfusion. Now coldfusion is all setup for this, so all i need is a little help getting a drop down list to work in access. The main two i need is a colour list and a size list for a product. E.G one product could have 3 different colours and 2 different sizes, then the next product could have 5 different colours and 3 different sizes, and so on. So how can i get these two fields into my database. Sounds weird, but i would like it so that i could multi select in datasheet view the colour or sizes for each product, any help would be appreciated