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    Unanswered: set transaction use rollback segment

    Hi All,
    In my stored procedure i have the following line

    set transaction use rollback segment bigger_rb_segment;

    This is working perfectly fine. But my problem is with hardcoding the rollback segment name i.e. bigger_rb_segment.

    I don't want to hardcode the rollback segment name. Instead i will do the following:
    I will call a function fn_set_rb_segment and in this function i will write the following statement:
    set transaction use rollback segment bigger_rb_segment;

    Now i have 2 questions:
    1) Will it ensure that in my parent stored procedure all transactions will
    be done in 'bigger_rb_segment'.
    2) Is there any script which will tell me that parent procedure is using 'bigger_rb_segment'.
    Thanks and Regards,

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    You can use


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    Keep in mind that as soon as you issue the 1st COMMIT, you run the risk of using a different rollback segment; because the COMMIT terminates that transaction.

    Why do you care about which RBS you use?

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    AIUI the SET TRANSACTION statement must be the first statement in your transaction.

    I'm not quite sure (with some of Oracle's quirks) as to whether a function in the call stack would count as a first statement.

    How Oracle deals with a statement issuing a SET TRANSACTION versus a function call which calls DBMS_TRANSACTION... I wouldn't want to guess and I havent time to find out.

    When you consider the purpose of PRAGMA RESTRICT_REFERENCES on a function, you can imagine that Oracle sees a function as some sort of possible DML unless you tell it otherwise.

    On the subject of caring about which RBS you use, I can only suggest RTFM or BNTFP.

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