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    Unanswered: connection on database problem

    Hi everybody,

    Please help me on this ....

    I have 50 users in location A. Then i have 10 users in location B. Location A and B users accessed the database name PSDB thru network.
    My problem is, when location B have problem on their connection ( means cannot access the network because of line problem) but users on this location wants to access the database continously, how can i solve this?
    Any recommendation ?
    I am using oracle8.0.4 on solaris2.6 (unix) . My database is in NOARCHIVELOG mode.
    Is replication can solve this problem or a standby database? Please advise and if possible i need a step by step procedure.


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    When the lines are down, there is no way of access to database.
    One workarround could be REPLICATION like u mentioned.

    So place a server in LOCATION B and replicate the database .

    Again, wehn the link goes down, even the Replication Fails unless u have a separate line for replication.


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    Replication is good and tnsnames can be set up to failover to the replicated database ... Oracle Enterprise Edition has Multimaster Replication where you have 2 or more MASTER databases. Oracle std
    edition only allows for SNAPSHOT replication.

    Keep in mind that if you are using sequences, these are not replicated and therefore could cause problems. You must understand how the data and tables are inserted and their primary keys. If you have a "sequential numbering" system of some sort, you must take that into consideration ... (if the connection is lost and users are "failed over" to the secondary database, the data entered cannot be of the such that will cause "duplicate key" issues upon "resyncing".


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