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    Question Unanswered: updating db...


    I have just completed a db in access 2000. The client has already started using the system however, now there needs to be a couple of little updates made. The problem that I have is that the client is in another state so I cannot get access to the system to actually modify and add the necessary forms/queries that are needed.

    Is there a way to build an update database that contains all the necessary forms/queries etc that need updating/adding that could connect to the main database and copy these objects over with the click of a button?

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    Updating a DB

    Hopefully, when you made the db, you split the db. If so, you can make changes to the file you have on your machine titled mydb.mdb and upload it to them or email it. When you split a database, it returns two files labeled mydb.mdb and mydb_be.mdb. The file mydb_be.mdb stores the tables with all the data, while the other file mydb.mdb stores the forms, queries, and reports. Like I said earlier, hopefully you split the db and you will be able to do this very easily otherwise, you can edit the db that is on their local machine if possible. You may be able to have them send you the current copy of the db and then you can split it and resend it to them but you have to remap location of the mydb_be.mdb and it is kind of a pain if you have not done this before.

    Hope this helps.

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