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    Unanswered: Problem generating DDL

    Greetings all,

    I´m running DB2 V7.2 FP10a on AIX V4.3.3

    After installing this new FP on my servers I always get an error while trying to generate DDLs from the Control Center.

    If the option "Use statement termination character" (Tools - Tools Settings - General) is not specified the job is run successfully, but when I open the results page there´s an error saying the File could not be found. Browsing the folders at the server there´s one file created with the command statement and one with the result (not the one expected), thus I got the impression the command was being interpreted as a part of the ECHO command. The command generated by Control Center to extract the DDLs and the file created from the execution of this command follows bellow:

    -- File with the Command
    echo db2look: /home/db/db2as/sqllib/db2_109.out

    !db2look -d SAMPLE -t table_test -a -e -c -o db2_109.out

    -- Wrongful result File
    db2look: /home/db/db2as/sqllib/db2_109.out
    !db2look -d SAMPLE -t table_test -a -e -c -o db2_109.out

    If the "Use statement termination character" is specified an error stating that the "End of file was reached while reading the command".

    Have you seen this before?

    note: These errors are also generated for users that have admin access to the Database and Write Permission at the folder.

    I´ve already downloaded and installed the newer Client version FP11_21333, but it didn´t solve the problem.

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