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    Unanswered: Creating new record via exporting data from other database

    Hi there

    At present i have created a data base which I have records of clients names, address, tel etc. What I am trying to do is copy the information of the record within these fields so they go into a new database
    so i.e I have created a button which open the new database (via a script) but I cant seem to sort just the data off one of the records.

    Please can some one help me

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    If I unserstand you only need to export data from a data set.

    You can perofrm this operation by script. Export will only export current data set
    Olivier Miossec

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    Re: Creating new record via exporting data from other database

    Hi, stupot! Oliver's right, just perform a regular search for the record you want and then export that data to a text file or something. You can then just import that data into the new database. It has options or how to import (e.g. if you have a "date created" field, do you want to import the old date created or make a new one, etc.).

    You can use a script if you will be doing this off/on and using both, but I'd recommend just doing it one time manually. If you will be doing periodic updates, you can still go all-at-once and there are options to replace existing records or creating new records for new data. Then I think Oliver's scripting idea is your best bet. It can even remember your import options.

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