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    Unanswered: explain please

    As Iam new to Java cananyone solve all this 1 >>is it possible to load the server object dynamically ? if so how please
    2>Where are the card layouts used?
    3>What is the corresponding layout for card in swing?

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    I don't know what you mean in #1.

    The use of a Card layout can be to display a unique set of objects
    in the same pane when a different option is selected.

    The Swing equivalent for the awt card layout is, as expected,

    cards = new JPanel();
    cards.setLayout(new CardLayout());

    Now, add components to "cards" and then put the Swing panel in your

    contentPane.add(cards, BorderLayout.CENTER);

    Note: For Swing, the TabbedPane is easier to implement and can
    provide the same results.

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