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    Unanswered: How to focus a popup window from another asp page?

    Hi .
    I have 3 asp pages.
    A link in the first one creates a popup window.
    A link in the popup window opens a page with 2 frames in it, top and bottom.
    Now, I have a link in bottom frame of this page, which, when clicked , should give focus to the existing popup window.

    When creating the popup window, I used a reference to it like...
    I tried to pass this newwin as QUERYSTRING to all other ASP pages.
    And in the last page, i.e.,bottom frame page, I used the code like..
    popup.focus() ---------- *
    where popup is set to querysttring variable.... Request.QueryString("popupwindowreference")

    The above procedure didnt work. it thows an error like...popup is undefined at line *

    Can anyone figure out what the problem is?
    Any help is grately appreciated!

    Thanks you.

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    I think you can only do something like this in Javascript?

    Andrew Schools

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    I did get my code working.
    In the frame,bottom, I tried to popup another window with the same name as the previous popup window.
    As a window with that name already exists, it activated the existing window, instead of creating a new one.

    This is all I wanted!

    Thanks a lot for the information you provided, though!


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