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    Question Unanswered: Best practice for crunching numbers and charting

    What is the best way to transform a recordset into a nice functional graph?

    I've got the recordsets but I need to 'crunch' the data before I chart it. Excel's Pivot Table is a great tool for crunching the data. Access has a Transform function to do it. ChartFX does it but I don't have the VB version.

    Here are the requirements for what I'm trying to get accomplished.

    1) Ability to 'crunch' the data into correct format.

    2) Graphing tool needs to be functional enough to allow multiple y-axis on the same chart. (E.G. Yield % charted as a line on y-Axis1 and # of Units tested charted as a bar on y-Axis2)

    3) Has to be a VB solution.

    I'm curious what ideas/experience this forum can provide as the starting point for this project.

    I've got a very simple Excel file to illustrate what I'm trying to get accomplished...unfortunately I can't upload with this post (incompatible format), but I'll email if anybody is interested.

    Thanks for your help,

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