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    Unanswered: netca.rsp silent installation Oracle 9i


    I can't seem to get TNS Listener to install using a responsefile in Oracle 9i... I've been using the netca.rsp file that comes included on disc one of the Oracle 9i Release 2 cds. I've tried calling netca.rsp from inside a custom install response file template...

    # Oracle Net Configuration Assistant
    # Description : Specifying "netca" will launch the Oracle Net Configuration
    # Name : s_responseFileName
    # Description : This string contains the value of the -responseFile
    # argument for launching the Oracle Net Configuration
    # Assistant in silent mode. Use the "netca.rsp" response
    # file template from the CD to customize silent database
    # creation. Set the value of this variable to your
    # customized NetCA response file location.
    # Valid values : The full path to a customized NetCA response file based on
    # the netca.rsp template.
    # Example value : "c:\temp\response\netca.rsp"
    # Default value : None
    # Mandatory : Yes, for installs with the "-silent" flag

    but when I check the services in Administrative settings the listener has not been created...I'm using OraInst as my staging directory.

    I've also tried using the "Using Configuration Assistants in Non-Interactive Mode" section at:

    I also tried adding:


    to the netca.rsp file, since it wasn't there by default...

    I've also tried going to my staging directory from the command prompt and running E:\OraInst> launch.exe -silent -responseFile netca.rsp
    where launch.exe is a copy from launch.exe generated in oracle\ora92\bin

    Thanks for any assistance,

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    never mind

    figured it out...

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