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    can anybody tell me how to do self posting of a form through <a href="" > ??

    You can better understand my problem in following steps:

    1. I want to save the data in page1.jsp in a jave file by self posting it. I am doing that stuff on page form post.
    2. I want to move to page2.jsp( specified as link <a href="page2.jsp"> from page1.jsp, after the data is being posted into java file.

    The design of page is having tabs for every page and upon click of any displayed number, it moves to that page through <A HREF > suppose after entering the data, he moves to another page by clicking on the link, the data of previous form should persist in the java file by first storing it in the java file by self posting the page. I hope i am able to make my problem clear...

    Thanx for ur cooperation and help.

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    "A HREF=" is not going to deliver any POST-data anywhere. Only an HTML "FORM" can do that. And I wouldn't trust Java to be given a chance to scoop information off the form fields either, before the function is called. The information it gets, as I recall, is often old.

    To me, this qualifies as a "magic trick." It might work on some browsers and in some situations but not in others. And it might require an amount of time to implement (and subsequent time to debug) that it's not going to repay. I'd look for another approach. Some "roads are less travelled by" .. for a reason.
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