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    Unanswered: How to check values using procedure

    Hi guys,

    iam new to pl/sql server pages. Here i have a login page which has username and password. but the user must be valid database user.
    here i want to write a stored procedure which checks whether the user is valid or not. The details are as follows.

    input values are username and password. we have to check this values to database table with name profile.if it is true then return a flag.
    guys can you help me in this aspect.

    create or replace procudure check(username IN varchar2,password IN varchar2)

    --the values in the table are user and pwd

    how do we compare these values in pl/sql

    thank you.

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    create a cursor which will get the username and password from the database based on the username passed into the procedure and open the cursor then assigned them to variables. Just do a simple compare on the two values then

    if value 1 = value 2 then.....

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