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    Question Unanswered: How to add Images(stored in a database) In Oracle Reports

    I have a table say IMAGES which has these columns IMAGE_NAME, IMAGE_EXTENSION, IMAGE_DATA with their types as VARCHAR2, VARCHAR2 and BLOB respectively. IMAGE_DATA is basically the image file data stored in the database.
    How can i display these stored images on an oracle report(9i).
    I can display an image that is stored in file system.....fine...but how to display an image which is stored in the data base????

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    Display BLOB Image in Oracle reports

    Create a simple report based on your image table.

    if you do not see the BLOB column image.

    go to the property pallet of the BLOB column under Data model.

    Data model -> Properties

    change the file format field to IMAGE

    re execute the report.

    Hope this will solve your problem


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