Hi all,

Is there a way to include an escape character (especifically the ASCII(10)) into an
stored procedure variable? I've tried ASCII(10) (in 4GL works Ok) but the parser
rejects it.

It should go this way (just as an example):

LET line_feed = ASCII(10); -- This doesn't work
LET my_variable = some_things || line_feed || more_stuff || line_feed ||
just_more_stuff || line_feed; -- my_variable is a CHAR one

I need that in order to formatting the output text, which is included into a single
CHAR variable. When completed the routine, I inserted that variable into a temp table
(just one field), and then performed an UNLOAD to a text file. The ASCII(10) goes
multiple times inside the output file.

I'm using Informix 7.31.

Thank you!