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    Unanswered: Oracle Migration from 8i to 9i

    Hi !
    I want to know, what happens when a database version 8i is migrated to version 9i.
    How does this affect the performance ? Performance is increased or it is degraded ?
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    Obviously, the performance of your database will be increased but add some memory costs (which is minor). Also, 9i has very good enhancement in Security.

    For more information and all the benifits of using 9i over 8i, Please read the Oracle's Documents.


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    Thanks for the reply.
    What about the queries written for 8i ?
    Should some changes be made for optimization ? Is there any major change in the optimizer ? i.e. Optimization technique ?
    Will the same queries work as effectively as they work on 8i ?

    Thanks in advance.

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