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    Unanswered: databasedump.sql

    hello world

    well i know nothing about MySQL except that its powerfull.
    Any and all help would be way cool.

    what is and how do i

    1. Setup a database and insert databasedump.sql
    A tool like phpMyAdmin is helpful

    i have phpMyAdmin installed but not sure how to use it
    the docs are alot to understand


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    In phpMyAdmin click on SQL and use the "choose file" option to import your sql-file. Check whether the file contains a "CREATE DATABASE" line. If not you'll have to create a database first. This can be done from the phpMyAdmin start page.

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    php myadmin is a bit hard to understand.
    It took me a while of looking for the exe file or the setup file to understand that it was just a website....

    1. Run a webserver on your localcomputer (try
    2. configure it for php
    Point the webserver to look for the root of the website at the place where you put the phpmyadmin files in...

    then open up a browser, and in the addressbar type:

    hope this helps

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