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    Unanswered: Access

    The problem is as follows:

    Access 2000 application used within a business department but on certain PC's a particular button click doesn't appear to be executing the code behind it. This button click event works fine on most other PC's except these few. When I login as the same user (who experienced the problem) and step thru the code behind the button event it works fine.

    The problem PC's have a Office SP1 or SP3 installed so I don't think this is the issue.

    If anyone has info on this kind of problem please let me know,

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    Testing things like this can be a pain.

    Try putting in a msgbox in various parts of the function. Then access the button without debugger and see if 1) the function gests called and 2) move the msgbox around to see how far the code execution goes.

    Are you trapping errors?
    At the beginning of your procedures,

    On error goto ErrorHandler
    goto EndSub 'skip error handler if all is well

    msgbox "MS Access error:" & err.number & vbCrLf & err.description

    End Sub
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    Thanks jpshay, I put in one message box and it started to work, so I changed the message box to display a "Process starting" message and left it at that. I would love to discover the really reason why this is happening but I don't have the time.
    Thanks for you suggestions, much appreciated


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