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    Unanswered: ActiveX and CustomControl Class

    I've created a simple ActiveX Component displaying some values
    Using it with the form wizard works fine. But since i want to create an unspecified number of these Controls, depending on the values in the database i can't precreate em using the wizard, so i've to add em while running. I've tested the class the wizard is using for displaying the ActiveX Component: CustomControl.
    So I've tried to create a custom control this way:
    dim h as CustomControl
    set h = new CustomControl
    h.Class = "Cf CtrlClass"
    h.OLEClass = "Cf.CfCtrlClass.1"
    But using that kind of code will end in an error during set h = new CustomControl, telling me he can't find the OLE-Class.
    How do i use CustomControl together with ActiveX Controls?


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    I've read of the CreateControl-Function, can i use it to add activex controls dynamicly to an open form?

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