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    Unanswered: Background change

    Can somebody tell me how to change the original dark gray background where we can find the Database window?

    I think this can only be done by code... (is there a guru?)

    I never saw noboby talking about this...


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    If you mean the main area when there's no reports, tables or forms open, then you probably could do this with code, but why not have a form that opens on the database startup and just have a macro that makes it maximise. That way you can have it any colour you like and it's easy to change.

    Alternately if you wanted to change the background colour for all applications then it's just through the windows display settings, appearance and application background colour.

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    (fyi: jmruas had posted his question a 2nd time and got the solution. see the message subject: If you are not a guru, don't read this)

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