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    Unanswered: column chechking while updating

    If amc.amc2>0 then
    “UPDATE amc set AMC2= AMC2 + “ & val(txtamt.text) & “where am1=1”
    else if amc.amc2<0 then
    “UPDATE amc set AMC2= “ & val(txtamt.text) & “where am1=1”
    end if

    Here I check the value of column with if condition statement. I need to check the column with out if condition statement.

    What is my doubt is that how I can check value of amc2 column while updating.

    eg: update amc set case when amc2>0 then AMC2= AMC2 + “ & val(txtamt.text)
    like this

    Is it possible with “case-when -end”?

    If it is possible I can solve a big problem in my project.
    Can you give me an example with this query?

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    update amc
    set amc2 = “ & val(txtamt.text) & “ + (CASE WHEN amc2 >= 0 THEN amc2 ELSE 0 END)
    where am1=1;
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