Hi all

This is my first thread ..Heard a lot about this thread n the high degree of responsiveness by the members of tyhis forum and suggested by many to join ....

I am going thru the mysql manual n facing problem with issues of REPLICATION. Suppoe i have 5 servers with one of them the master server n others being the slave . The client update their queries in the central database maintained at the server,the copies of wose have been kept at slave servers . Now suppose the master server goes down then ...

1) how does the client know that the server has gone down..
2)Is there any way t which i can change the slave to master automatically when the original one goes down n ktake up its responsibility .
3)How do i execute slave server commands on slave server while its running ----is it by logging on as the root user on the slave machine ??

4) what are the posible causes for a update query from client to server to fail?