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    Unanswered: save multiple listbox picks after close?

    I'm very new at this, so sorry if my question is a little dumb.

    I created a worksheet using VBA. In one column I need a lisbox that allows users to choose multiple items. I made a listbox that does this, but if I save and close the file, when I open it back up all the choices are erased. They aren't gone when you open it, but within .5 seconds after opening it the listbox goes blank. It almost looks like it is a macro, but I didn't program a macro like that and I never hit any buttons to start a macro. What is going on?

    Any help is appreciated.

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    You don't need to use VBA to create drop-down lists. Go to the menu "Data/Validation" select "List" and then submit a list of values separated by commas or a range. With this approach, you can have 1 cell or 1,000 cells with a drop-down list to choose from and you don't have to maintain each and everyone of them. Just copy/paste the cell in which you have created the DDL to thousands of cells.

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    That doesn't seem to solve my problem though since I need multiple options displayed and saved at the same time. Am I missing something?

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