I am a new access user who is looking for suggestions from more experienced access users. Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated.

My goal is to to print 4"x6" shipping labels through access. I have created a database with 3 tables, "Items" "DcList" "PurchaseOrders"

I want a form to pop up when a specific report is opened. I need to be able to enter the "distribution center number, PO number, order type, Item number, quantity, and date" I would like this info saved as a new PO in the PO table.

A report needs to then be automatically generated that pulls up the address (I assume from a query based on the DcList table) based from the distribution center number and order type entered(the street address and city, state zip will stay the same for each DC, the order type will determine the exact wording of the top address line (about 5 different options for each distribution center, about 35 - 40 distribution centers)

I also need 2 fields from the items table to be printed on the report along with a barcode unique to specific items. ( This will only be for about 4 or 5 items, i'm thinking about creating the barcodes in another program and importing them manually into separate access reports for each item and not having access generate the barcodes, any comments???)

I would like the report to automatically print labels from a command button. The number printed will equal the quantity entered into the popup form divided by the "case quantity for each item stored in the table "Items" ex. if 288 entered in form and 24 stored in case quantity for a particular item, it would print 288/24 = 12 labels.

I am specifically looking for help using the form data to print the label and saving it to the PO table at the same time. I created a database that will put the proper item information and DC information on a report (It does not account for changing the top address line based on order type). It does not want to save the information entered into the form to the Purchase Order table and put it into the report at the same time.

This is a lot of information and probably tough to follow. I'll appreciate all comments and try to answer any questions.